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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is made evident in the music. From the most delicate passages to the most virtuosic crescendos, Ultisone exists to create solutions in the service of emotions only music can elicit, with each and every note, and as often as you wish.
Aries Cerat Incito Unpacking

Our offer

The Ultisone portfolio is comprised of components selected to deliver our philosophy as faithfully as possible. Digital sources and servers, tube and hybrid amplification, loudspeakers, acoustic solutions and sophisticated grounding products - each has earned their place by representing the pinnacle of what the high-end audio industry has to offer.
Concertgebouw Amsterdam

The ultimate experience

Ultisone assists the avid music lover in discovering the ultimate musical experience. We think of ourselves not as a dealer, but as a consultant. Our ambition is simply to allow reproduction of music in the home to be natural as possible - the intentions of the artist realised in the most life-like manner.


What customers tell about us
  • The final result reached the level of our expectations ...

  • Everything sounds so real, so smooth-easy, so beautiful.
    The dynamics and the reproduction of percussion are incredible.
    You would forget that you are listening to a recording.

Avshowrooms Pot Y 2018 Genus

Aries Cerat price increases in 2019

New prizes and prices for Aries Cerat in 2019

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Smt 20181228 Dsc03889

Updated Ultisone demo room with extra SMT panels

Acoustic treatment without side effects, only more 'being there', this is SMT at its best...

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A new Aries Cerat Incito S preamplifier finds a home

Ultisone is proud to present you a new installation of the Aries Cerat Incito S preamplifier.  After a demo in his own system, the customer was very quick to make a decision that this preamp is lifting his system's performance to a whole new level.

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