Audio consulting For ultimate music experience

Ultisone is the partner by excellence for not only music lovers but those persons that breathe music.  We call them audiophiles.

Customized acoustic advice For the ultimate listening experience at home

We only propose products of which we are convinced ourselves for 100%.  Our product portfolio is therefore rather limited as it has been undergoing a thorough preselection.

Why choose Ultisone? For her musical experience

We always depart from the expectations of the music lover or audiophile to arrive at the desired music experience.  Hard selling is not our purpose, we are looking for and proposing solutions that fully satisfy our customer (and ourselves).

The ultimate listening experience

Too often, performance is sacrificed for profit. We have chosen to depart from the expectations that usually accompany high-end audio, in which our only mandate is to arrive at the desired musical experience for the listener. Hard selling is not our purpose. Instead, we are always looking for and proposing solutions that fully satisfy our customer’s needs, to bring them closer to the music they love. Therefore, Ultisone is built on:

  • Only representing products that satisfy our own high musical standards
  • Brands that represent a very high performance/cost ratio
  • Fewer brands, and only the best
  • Audio consultant, importer and/or dealer (depending on brand) under one roof
  • Low cost structure allowing us to have a drive to consult rather than hard-sell
  • Acoustic studies and implementation
  • Home demos with sufficient time to decide
  • After sales service ’til long after the sale has happened

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