The brands we carry for an optimal music system

Based on our experience, we intentionally sought out manufacturers that represented the very best tube electronics and higher-efficiency speakers. We believe that when designed without compromise, tubes and easy to driver speakers recreate the harmonics, breath, silence and expression of each instrument and voice in a way that most mimics real life, creating an experience for the music lover that transcends the medium.

Tube electronics

Single Ended Triode amplification, as opposed to Push-Pull designs, have long been considered the most direct path to the music. However, the superiority of any tube is only able to be realised when implemented in a circuit design of least compromise. Aries Cerat is one of the few manufacturers to understand this completely, building tube electronics that are unrivalled at their price point, while surpassing more costly designs.

For those with less-efficient speakers, Tenor Audio make the very best hybrid amplifiers we know of. These amplifiers feature an input stage (up to nine tubes per channel in an OTL-configuration) coupled to a massive solid state output stage. Think of the best hybrid designs in the market but three times as powerful.


When designed correctly, higher-efficiency speakers allow more of the music’s natural dynamics to be expressed. Aries Cerat have created the only true horn speaker that does not compromise its frequency or phase response in order to produce startling musical realism at life-like levels. For smaller rooms, or those wanting a conventional cone-based speaker we chose Stenheim speakers which have continued to impress us despite their modest size. Both speakers have received numerous accolades from the hi-fi press and have established themselves as world-class contenders in a short space of time.


To complement these products, we favour the use of the finest grounding solutions from Entreq.  These grounding devices have no electronics inside, do not filter or condition the signal in any way, yet exercise an impact on the music in a surprising way.  Please contact one of our dealers for a demo.

The Aries Cerat products are carried in our demo room near Leuven in Belgium, conveniently located at a highway intersection and close to Brussels Airport.


While many acoustic solutions exist on the market, SMT acoustic panels are unique in that they combine the acoustic effects of diffusion and time-domain  delay without absorption for mid and high-frequency treatment. Low frequency problems needs treatment by SMT's tuneable Helmholtz resonators. These products will amaze you and have found their way into many high-end demo rooms, recording and rehearsal studios, and of course, the discerning audiophile's listening room.  Just four panels can make a very noticeable difference.  We have these panels available for demo as well.


A common question we are often asked is: ‘Is it more important to spend money on a good pair of speakers or on the electronics attached to them?’

The answer to that question is of course not simple. A chain can only be as good as its weakest link.  But if the following question is asked: ‘Would you be able to hear the improvements in electronics as much if the speaker weren’t capable of reproducing it?’ we move closer to a possible answer. Ultimately, a balanced investment needs to be made that respects each client’s expectations, room and budget.

For dedicated sites of the product lines we carry, please click the links below. However, we welcome any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Thank you.