In our search for the best sound reproduction system without holds, Ultisone found another perfect symbiosis through the combination of the tube electronics of Aries Cerat with the full-ribbon panel loudspeakers of AlsyVox.

AlsyVox is another european-made product that is a result of over 20 years of development and tuning, manufactured with Spanish handcraft and designed in Italy.

It has an excellent tonal balance and imaging with world-class dynamics and - last but not least - tight and fast bass that goes well below 30 Hz!  As if that is not enough, we can certify that the AlsyVox do not have the need for huge power.  

As the AlsyVox speakers are the most transparent speakers that we came across, it is a looking glass for the whole audio chain.  With the selected brands offered at Ultisone this is not an issue we can assure you! 

We have the Botticelli on permanent display in our demonstration room, along with the optional external cross-over.  Do not hesitate to take contact with us to get a taste of the AlsyVox magic.

Here is a link to the AlsyVox website where you can find much more information: AlsyVox

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