De nieuwste anti-vibratie platformen

Insulation platforms and audio furniture

Ultisone is happy to announce it has become the distributor for the polish brand Stacore for its passive anti-vibration platforms.  These platforms are a passive design and integrate a self-regulating pneumatic decoupling mechanism that is effective down to 3 Hz.

The importance of a good decoupling of our cherished audio equipment is widely known but till now all the existing solutions were specializing in a certain frequency range and none, unlike Stacore, were able to manage to isolate the whole frequency spectrum.  The typical passive decoupling feet and platforms are mostly good at isolating higher frequency vibrations whereas the active platforms are particularly good at isolating the lower frequency band but Stacore now combines both into one solution.  The effect on the music reproduction is multi-fold as not only will you be able to hear a much improved soundstage width and depth, but equally more resolution throughout the audible spectrum and a more natural and non-fatiguing musical experience.

Stacore platforms have a maximum admissible weight ranging from 65 to 160 kgs, enabling them to be used in combination with the even most robust amplifiers and turntables on the market.

Please contact Ultisone for any further information you would require or for a demonstration.