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Ex-Demo and Second hand Aries Cerat units for sale

We sometimes have interesting offers for Aries Cerat units in second hand or ex-demo

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Full Aries Cerat system delivery

A customer has been dreaming for quite a few years of finally being able 'to bathe in music'.

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Aries Cerat Concero Signature 65 W SET eindversterkers in de Ultisone demoruimte

De Concero Signature eindversterkers behoren tot het beste dat Aries Cerat tot heden gemaakt heeft.  Vanaf heden te beluisteren bij Ultisone.

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Aries Cerat Essentia Review Mono And Stereo Matej Isak

Review of the Essentia mono amplifiers from Aries Cerat by Mono & Stereo - part 1

Hyperbolic language in the first part of a review by Mono & Stereo of this mighty amplifier.

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Review of the Aries Cerat Kassandra II DAC by AVShowrooms

Peter Breuninger awarded a price to the Kassandra II Reference DAC of Aries Cerat

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The Ianus Essentia single stage amplifier in pure class A will soon be available in Belgium and The Netherlands

The newest creation of Aries Cerat is the mono amplifier Essentia that stands for a full class A 40 Watt using its unique implementation of the triodefet technology.  The Ianus combines the musicality of the best triode tube technology with the iron hold of the fet-technology.  Book your appointment now!  

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Ultisone products are being listened to at Alpha High End

Ultisone is proud to announce that its products can now be found in the Alpha High End shops in Brussels, Antwerp, Brasschaat and Turnhout.

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Full Aries Cerat installation in the Netherlands

A customer entrusted to Ultisone the delivery and installation of a complete installation because 'I want to live and enjoy a concert whenever it suits me.'

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Stacore Intro platform

hierUltisone stelt de nieuwste toevoeging voor van Stacore, een entry-level platform met een duidelijk effectieve werking in combinatie met een zeer elegant ontwerp.

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Smt 20181228 Dsc03889

Updated Ultisone demo room with extra SMT panels

Acoustic treatment without side effects, only more 'being there', this is SMT at its best...

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A new Aries Cerat Incito S preamplifier finds a home

Ultisone is proud to present you a new installation of the Aries Cerat Incito S preamplifier.  After a demo in his own system, the customer was very quick to make a decision that this preamp is lifting his system's performance to a whole new level.

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Primary Control Kinea

The newest gem of Ultisone, the analog sources of Primary Control

Ultisone is proud to announce it becoming a dealer for Primary Control, with its very good AND stylish analog source.

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Signal Projects Logo Black Cyan

Ultisone becomes distributor for Signal Projects in Belgium and Luxembourg

Ultisone is happy to announce that it has become exclusive distributor and dealer for the excellent cable brand Signal Projects.  More information to follow.

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Carefully selecting a vinyl collection

Rediscovering that half the thrill of having vinyl is quite physical.  Reviewing performances, finding immaculate pressings, thinking which albums are your must-haves.  The world of Mint, Near Mint+, Near Mint-, Very Good+, etc...

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Installation of the Aries Cerat Symphonia and amplification.

A pair of Aries Cerat Symphonia horn speakers and Aries Cerat amplification installation by Ultisone.

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432EVO Master music server finally released!

Delivery of the separate Power Supply Unit of the 432 EVO Master music server. Beautiful finish with a magnificent sound! 
A true state-of-the-art server with numerous features yet very easy in its use and set-up.

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20171118 134002

Successfull participation by Ultisone at the New Music Innovation show 2017

Ultisone participated featuring the Aries Cerat electronics and the Stenheim loudspeakers yielding very positive reactions.

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Stacore Advanced isolation platform - Review by Positive Feedback

"Stacore does not cut anything out but "only" differentiates. Thanks to that, recordings are closer to live music."

Review of the Stacore Advanced isolation platform: read here

Please contact us for a demonstration!

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20171222 215928

A unique Hohe Messe in Amsterdam with Philippe Herreweghe

Excellent performance of the Hohe Messe of JS Bach at Concertgebouw Amsterdam with Philippe Herreweghe as conductor. A well deserved standing ovation!🤗
If one performance was catching even more attention, it was the one by the countertenor Alex Potter ! What a delicacy, what a fluidity and mastery, and all coupled with a lot of power when needed.

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20171118 134002

Ultisone wishes to thank all the visitors to its demo room at the Brussels hifi exhibition!

Ultisone wishes to thank all the visitors that made the effort to visit us at the New Music Hi-End Innovation show in Brussel on November, 18 and 19 2017.  We received many very positive comments of which we learned that, as we were one of the very few exhibitors with tube amplification, the Aries Cerat and Stenheim combination was among the most musical sets of the show.

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High Fidelity

Stacore Advanced selected Product of the Year 2017 by

We are extremely happy to announce that the STACORE Advanced platform got the Best Product 2017 award by ! 

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20171001 114651

Successful show by Ultisone on Dutch XFI Premium Audio Show 2017

Ultisone participated in the XFI Premium Audio Show on September 30 and October 1 near Eindhoven in the Netherlands with a lower budget music lover's dream system.

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2016 10 20 17 15 Img 5562Aa Xx

Ultisone is importer and dealer for the Stacore anti-vibration platforms

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Aries Cerat Genus 4948

Preview of the new Aries Cerat Genus integrated SET amplifier

Ultisone is proud to give you a preview of the projected layout of the latest creation by Aries Cerat: the Genus.  An integrated SET amplifier with ample input and output possibilities and a massive power reserve for optimum speaker integration.

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Aries Cerat111

The new reference of Aries Cerat

Ultisone is proud to present you her latest reference installation.  

This installation is made up of the 432EVO Master streamer and a full electronics stack of Aries Cerat along with the Symphonia horn speakers of the same brand.  To top it all, the Entreq power distribution and grounding solutions are added for achieving that very last bit of musicality.

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