The newest gem of Ultisone, the analog sources of Primary Control

Primary Control Kinea

The dutch brand Primary Control is owned by german engineer Bernd Hemmen en is dedicated to developing and the in-house production of the best analogue reproduction.  To this end his turntable makes use of the direct drive technology.  Although this technology was very popular until the late eighties, it was found to be lacking for the high end consumer market (causing wow and flutter) and the belt-driven turntables became very popular amongst audiophiles since then.

But Primary Control succeeded to overcome the drawbacks of the yesteryear direct drive by researching and implementing the newest technologies.

Also the tonearms of Primary Control are fully designed and produced by Primary Control, perfectioning the unipivot principle.

Finally, the Kinea turntable and the Primary Control tonearms are amongst the very best analogue sources and, last but not least, sound extremely refined with the looks and style that are at the same level.

Primary Control Kinea 20181215 Dsc03816 2 Primary Control Kinea 20181215 Dsc03807 Primary Control Kinea 20181215 Dsc03811 Primary Control Kinea 20181215 Dsc03800