A unique Hohe Messe in Amsterdam with Philippe Herreweghe

20171222 215928

A captivating performance by belgian conductor Philippe Herreweghe and his Collegium Vocale in the Hohe Messe of Bach at Amsterdam Concertgebouw. 

When I put my audiophile hat on, it always strikes me how unrealistic the expectations have become with regard to the energy levels of the bass lines.  

With live performance of acoustic classical music, I am not frustrated that my ear is not located immediately next to the contrabass or that the lowest tuba notes jump out in comparison to the rest of the music.  In real life this all has a sound of course but it is far more subtle and balanced than what you would expect if you only listened to most if not almost all music reproduction systems.

If this is wrong, what is to blame for this unbalance? Is it the creeping influence of modern day music expectations into the classical music reproduction, room acoustics, the MP3-generation, the record companies that want to spoil their customers during the editing process or is it because most music systems are - by the techniques used - not able to give a balanced presentation?

The answer is not so important, it is important though that every music lover should take the time to (re)calibrate his hearing at times by attending a live concert.  Not only your hearing will improve by it, you also support the performers by doing so!