Installation of the Aries Cerat Symphonia and amplification.

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Daniel has finally found his audio nirvana, after a search of 20 years.  After getting in touch with Ultisone he selected, at the end of a very careful process, a full Aries Cerat supplied music installation including the mighty Symphonia horn speakers as central piece of the puzzle.

The system is now comprised of the Impera II Reference preamplifier, the Concero65 SET-amplifiers in monoblocks and the Symphonia speakers.

Probably easiest to let the customer talk about his discovery:

"Thank you for the good construction and putting into service of the loudspeakers and amplifiers of Aries Cerat. It was for me and I hope for you too, a very pleasant day.

On Sunday morning I listened to music that I know well.
Sometimes I sat quiet, almost breathless, listening.
With some songs I could not keep my feet and legs steady.
A few times I had the urge to dance, while I certainly am not a dancer.
Everything sounded so real, so smooth-easy, so beautiful.
The dynamics and the reproduction of percussion are incredible.
You would forget that you are listening to a recording.

I have the finest sophistication and power with the Symphonia.

Now that I am experiencing the result, my emotional decision turns out to be my most intellectual.

This purchase also brings some peace in my head. I do not have to think anymore about what else I can do to get a better result. End search, enjoy the music.
... thanks for the extraordinary beautiful performance of the Symphonia."

Need we say more?  Ultisone and Aries Cerat are very proud and grateful for having such customer recognition!