Ultisone is importer and dealer for the Stacore anti-vibration platforms

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Let your current system disclose its full potential!

Stacore is a polish brand that dedicated itself to the development of audio anti-vibration platforms by taking the golden principle of mass-spring-mass to an extreme limit.  This way they are able to obtain an unprecedented linear isolation at both lower AND higher frequencies.  This extended range was not yet achieved before and it is noteworthy that no artificial resonances are created.

The result is that the platform allows the supported equipment to develop an unheard sound depth and width, coupled with a very natural restitution at the frequency extremes leading to a very engaged and natural listening.

Maximum admissible weights vary between 65 and 160 kgs allowing even the heaviest amplifiers to be decoupled, be it based on tube or transistor technology!

Prepare yourself to unlock all the musical potential of your system by installing a Stacore decoupling solution!  Contact us for a demo or an in-house test.