Full Aries Cerat installation in the Netherlands

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A customer of Ultisone had a music installation that was pretty common and played music without any emotions. Since quite a while he took up the plan to find the system that would let him not only listen to music but above all to experience all its included emotions and its power to let the listener be transported to a state of mind that only the best concert experiences are capable of. 

An experience where you are transported to the performance itself where each instrument, each voice, each bow inflection, each stroke, each reverb, from pianissimo to triple forte, is reproduced in a natural way.  Without fatigue and without having to ask yourself any questions.

To this end, he already had quite a journey behind him visiting a host of hi-end shops with exquisitely looking brands.  When he arrived at Ultisone, he was very fast to come to the conclusion that the presented solution had the natural tones and lifelike dynamics he was looking for.  It was an end station for him!

Ultisone then visited the room where he was to house this beautiful system, not only to investigate the practical matters to deliver and install such system but equally to assess the space and the acoustics of that room. 

The chosen system has following components:

  • Aries Cerat Symphonia horn loudspeakers (101dB efficiency, 3-way)
  • Aries Cerat Concero65 Reference amplifier (65Watt, Single Ended Triode, pure class A, 2 parallel triode-mounted 813 output tubes and one 814 input tube, 1,8 kW power transformer, a massive 2000 joule power reserve per channel) 
  • Aries Cerat Impera II Signature preamplifier (inverted triode technology, 4 RCA inputs, 1 XLR input, 1 RCA output, 1 XLR output)
  • Aries Cerat Kassandra II Signature DAC (R2R ladder DAC, USB, SPDIF, AES, BNC inputs)
  • 432EVO Master music server (4TB on-board storage, Roon-, Qobuz-, Tidal-compatible, on-board ripping)
  • All cabling from Signal Projects (models Hydra and Atlantis)
  • Some transparant acryl SMT diffusor panels
  • Stacore feet and intro platform