Full Aries Cerat system delivery

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Four years ago Ultisone was contacted by this customer to demonstrate and discuss a possible upgrade from the audio system he had at the time.  After a long journey, including a house move and an acoustic installation in the new basement, the time had finally come to experience the full Aries Cerat sound, except for the speakers that is.

As a source the customer has a Verdier La Platine turntable and has it now connected to the Talos Reference phono stage, followed by the mighty Impera Reference preamplifier and finally the newest triodefet amplifier from the brand called the Essentia, a fourty Watt pure Classe A amplifier that is stable down to 1 ohm using the proprietary triodefet technology.

The speakers from Brakemeier complete the set and seem a very good match with the Essentia able to convey the typical Aries Cerat highly addictive magic.

Ultisone thanks the customer for his trust and enjoyed accompanying him to achieve his sonic heaven.