Les enceintes Wolf von Langa SON gagne encore des prix!

Hfa Award Highly Recommended 300Pix

"There is superb imaging and very wide and deep soundstaging and very little coloration."

"There’s a refreshing absence of filtering-effects and not a trace of artifice. And irrespective of their immense analytic capabilities, if there’s one thing the Sons make absolutely clear, it’s that they are all about getting the listener closer to the music."

"...It’s not just about reach-out-and-touch imaging but also about the sense of listening to real flesh and blood musicians along with their instruments, all fleshed out right before you."

Découvrez le reportage ici (disponible que en Anglais malheureusement): Wolf von Langa SON | HFA - The Independent Source for Audio Equipment Reviews (hifi-advice.com)

On remercie Christiaan Punter, le journaliste principal de Hifi Advice, pour son analyse approfondie et positive du SON!

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