Absolutely great class!!!!

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Hereby a direct and unsolicited testimonial from our customer from shortly after we installed a full Aries Cerat system at his listening room including the Talos Reference phono stage, Impera Reference preamplifier and the Essentia monoblocks:

"... I feel as if a door that has been closed for decades - with a rusty door lock and full of cobwebs - has finally burst open! And I see into rooms that I had only guessed at before ....

I'm really totally impressed, thrilled, shocked and happy beyond measure!

Yesterday I put on an LP that I've known by heart since I was 11. I can't believe it. There's one track on it ... there are two electric guitars playing. I know it. But there's also an acoustic guitar playing - I've never heard that before. I haven't even mentioned the timbres yet. So varied and natural. Wonderful. And the dynamics - extremely good.

And today I put on the one record that made me decide to stick with vinyl over 15 years ago. A blues record from the GDR, live. It's very cool what's on there .... Voices, instruments .... a lot of things used to be smeared together. Now I can understand everything clearly and in detail. And that's without it sounding the least bit analytical! Absolutely great class!!!! I would never have expected that! And again and again dynamics, dynamics, dynamics !!!!

I can't really believe my luck. ..."