Aries Cerat Concero 65

Technische kenmerken

Power output:        65W
Power bandwidth:  15Hz-110kHz
SNR:                    <-105db
Tubes used :         2 X 813 RCA, 1 X 814 RCA

Driver Stage

  • 814 DHT tube, amorphous C-core,bifilar winded interstage transformer.
  • High power film capacitor (choke regulated) banks.
  • Triple filtered filaments.

Output stage

  • Parallel 813 SET stage,ultra low noise adjustable bias circuits.
  • High power film capacitors, choke regulated banks.
  • The film Capacitors used,have  ~1000 times the max current surge rating than any electrolytic used in other amplifiers,and 10 times less ESR/ESL than any electrolytic capacitor.
  • Choke used is a 11kg-core  inductor, providing extra energy storage.
  • Triple filtered filaments.
  • Oversized ,highest quality output transformer.
  • 700.000uF total primary and secondary circuits capacitance (per channel)

Separate toroidal transformers for output stage,driver and filaments, 1500VA total

Auto soft start power up

Dimensions: 580mmW X 480mmD X 360mmH

Weight: 90Kg unpacked

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