Stacore Advanced selected Product of the Year 2017 by

High Fidelity

" When the Stacore platform was used, sound immediately became open and clean. It resulted in differentiation that I had probably not had in my system before – well, perhaps I had, but with the best players and turntables.

This makes an incredible impression wherever we thought we had pleasant but a bit rounded sound, like, for example, in the case of Polish Jazz remasters that I have on Master CD-Rs. They are the closest to what the mastering specialist heard in the studio and I must say that only the Polish platform showed this so well. The number of sounds, harmonics and the kind of a “halo” around the instruments – it all became richer, more mature and stronger."

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The Stacore Advanced platform is on permanent display at our demo room, please contact us for a demonstration (at home or in our demo room).